Tuesday, 1 January 2008

The New Year

It is now 2008, and I am proud that I made it past 12:00 to ring in the New Year.

I have discovered this lyric from "Saviour King" by Hillsong.
"Hope which was lost, now stands renewed..."
And that is my thought for 2008. Our hope, which can so quickly be stamped out by cares of this world, stands renewed from the sacrifice paid for us.

And for some reason Good Charlotte's I Don't Wanna Be In Love keeps echoing through my head.
"Everybody throw up your hands, say 'I don't wanna be in love'..."

That just speaks of the hearts of many people. People don't want to fall in love, they don't want to be vulnerable, they don't want to expose themselves emotionally to people. The song shouts volumes, pertaining to the pop culture, the youth culture of this day. Life is casual and uncomplicated, and unattached.

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