Tuesday, 26 February 2008

This Years Love...

Had better last.


Ever seen the show Jericho? I highly recommend it.
For one, after spending approximately....760 minutes or just over 12 hours sating myself in it, I've realized how much we come to take things for granted.

We have electricity, food, hospitals to go to if we become ill, churches, streets, a semblance of law, police, firemen, able-bodied people, artists, businessmen, stores, merchants...in essence a busy teeming city and society.

But what would occur if you took all that away? What if there was no law? The people held behind bars would run loose and wreak havoc all over the city. The people with criminal tendencies would no longer have a reason to hold back. Any representation of an organized society would fall to pieces, and we would only have each other to lean on.

Who could you trust during a time like that? In an angry crowd full of people who want immediate gratification, surrounded by the starving and poor, how would you bring calm and peace? What would you say to people to comfort them or to calm them when everything they love the most is taken from them?

The fact is...not to be utterly pessimistic, but we will face hard times, our children are going to face harder times, and our grandchildren will perhaps be even more hard-pressed than anything we've seen or heard of.

It's not words that any of us want to hear, but troubled times are coming. All that matters is...where is your family? Where are your friends? Who will you stand with, who will you stand behind?

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