Friday, 21 March 2008

We Wait.

Here's how we spend our lives.

There are lines at grocery stores, clothing stores, malls, parking lots, stop lights.

We wait for the good times to roll.
We wait for the storms to encompass us.

We wait for people to say the things we want to hear.
We wait for people to change the way we want.

It would appear that we wait our lives away.
We may very well spend all our time and energy watching the ticking clock.

It makes me question, who really wants to spend their lives waiting?
Who wants to have time fly by, spending it standing still?
...When forward motion seems nonexistent, we still are moving, whether we feel it or not.

It is not satisfactory to wait for things to occur.

The best medicine - stop waiting for things to be a certain way, and accept them for how they are.

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