Monday, 17 March 2008

What In The World/Poetry

It's our surprised exclamation, when we are confronted with something that we really don't understand. It flies out of our mouths suddenly..."What in the world!?!"

...and will it be?
will it come to pass or fade away,
will i be left wondering every single day?
will hope die out as a cold still fire,
or will it spark and burn as the flames rage higher?
am i desolately facing the great vast unknown
will i travel these journeys by myself, all alone?
will a hand warm mine as i grasp the air
will there be someone here to love, here to care?
has time consumed my chance to be with someone at my side?
for love may be the only thing to keep me satisfied.
will life become a little clearer, blowing clouds away
...and will it be my love will come and take these fears away?
who i am
hello, and peeking inside and through
the window of me
fogged, and misty shadows press
through the fog
and leave me wondering who is,
what is inside.
the unknown jarrs me and leaves
me anxious
clueless to who you are, ignorant
of coming change
here i am, left theorizing on
who i am
because that is who i am*

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LightUFO said...

Your blog is so awesome, I wish my blog was like that..But I don´t have any important things I want to share with the world, or something...It sucks : (

I love your blog though!



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