Thursday, 26 June 2008

Today this realization flooded over me: family is beautiful thing.
It binds us together for life, creating bonds that can't be broken, and that we must respect.
Our family know us more thoroughly and deeply than other people ever will.
They're the ones we cannot shake even though as times we may be desperate too.

It would appear that the more we accept family, and the more we embrace, the closer we are to them, and more meaningful our relationships can be.

Family is underrated and underestimated in our society. Friends have become more important.
But the fact is -- no one loves you like your family. That love surpasses rationale, and many crimes have been committed through history because of the intense love and loyalty that runs through the veins.

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Anonymous said...

Although blood is thicker than water, and Family can be important.. It is vital to realise and understand that sometimes family isn't all you thought and hoped they would be. For some people friends are the true "family", and the blood relations are nothinng more than a DNA link to another person.

My closest friend knows more about me than my family does, simply because she cared about me more than my family did at a very important time in my life.

Then there are those who suffer from abuse, for them family is the least important thing to them as it is either family actioning the abuse, or ignoring the pleas for help from the abuse.

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