Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The Freedom Of Animals

Humans are odd about nature.
We have this strange and fixed fascination with creatures that roam free.

We go on hikes and follow trails that bring us close to the untamed and unfettered creature. Some people will sit for hours hoping to catch a glimpse of a deer, bear, or any other undomesticated animal.

What fuels people to pursue this hobby? Why are we so caught up and fascinated with the wild beast?

Many would argue that our ancestors being neanderthal explains why we are so curious toward wild animals. But I would disagree, for I do not believe that we evolved from monkeys. However, if we throw that reasoning out the window, we come back to the same question that remains unanswered. Why are humans so taken by wild creatures?

Perhaps we recognize in these creatures a freedom that we will never possess. We are bound by society, time, money, relationships, and worries. Animals live outside of these things, unfettered by the usual issues that we as humans face. They live by their bodies natural time, following instinct to survive.

As humans, our codependency on technology and the ease of life can be frightening. How would we fare and survive in the wild when we rely so heavily on the simplest of technology?

So while we watch and observe with some jealousy the apparently simple and easy life that these animals lead, there is this inner realization that that is the difference between animals and humans. They can live 100% worry free, while we are bound to this world and it's cares in more than one way.

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