Thursday, 3 July 2008


Why do adults not do sleepovers? What makes them so creepy and strange in the adult world?

Why is normal for kids and teenagers to camp out, talk all night, play video games, have a "sleepover"...and yet, so odd for adults to have them?

Is it because we can drive home after meeting up for the night?

Perhaps it's because we have daily "sleepovers" with our spouses?

Whatever the reason may be, as children we are taught that sleepovers are okay and are a normal part of life, and then as we age, they disappear from our lives, soon after college. They have no place in the adult world.

Just a thought, that's all.

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scarecrowslady said...

I miss *good* sleepovers... *good* sleepovers are a lot of fun. Sleepovers happen a lot in university. Not always good endings to those - but they can be fun with the right crowd.

I was offered sleep over stuff with my anime friends, but I said no a lot because I knew Mom wasn't down with that so much. But I did a sleep over with Lana, once, if I remember correctly. And Mika. And Mika slept over at my house... and Jori. And others.

I think it depends on your friends, ne?

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