Monday, 22 September 2008


Sensations are what humans are all about. What we can feel, see, taste, hear, and smell are what we live for. Whether it's the scent of flowers, food, soap, or even another body; whether it's the touch of someone we love holding us; whether it's beauty that overwhelms our vision and amazes us--what we can sense, those sensations are what we live for in one way or another.

The oddest sensations presented themselves to me tonight. The smooth steel of a bra fastener, the perfectly aligned patterns on the wall, the smell of hair wax emanating from a small container, the soft almost hesitant breeze that flows the room lightly stirring the curtains, and the thought-provoking sound of music the speaks to the soul and deepest recesses of the mind.

Who we are can be partially defined by the senses that attract us, the things we take time to notice, that which catches our attention. Whether it's the pleasant clackety-clack of the keyboard, the odor of frying onions and ground beef wafting up the stairs, or the touch of soft cotton against the skin...what we enjoy the most in life would be impossible without our senses.

The next time you jingle those smooth, symmetrical, car keys in your pockets; the next time you run your fingers through your ruffled, soft, hair; the next bite into your favourite meal; the next time you hear that soul-stirring songs that seems to have been written just for you...please think about the sensations you love, and gift of sense that we take for granted.

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