Monday, 24 November 2008

Bad Night

I had the scariest vivid and lucid dream last night.

For some reason I was a patient in the Step Down Unit.

I was sitting upright in one of the patient chairs when my hand started twitching spastically every time I lifted it up.

So the nurse noticed and asked me why that was happening.

I said it was normal.

They grabbed an ECG machine and stuck the nodes onto my chest and started doing the test.

For some reason the ECG machine turned into a patient database and they were able to search my name and see that I had an HIV test last year.

(Post tattoo precautions.)

Then the nurses started talking in hushed tones and wouldn't look at me.

I was like, "Tell me what's wrong, RIGHT NOW!"

One of the nurses said, "We're sorry but you're HIV positive."

I'm pretty sure that in my dream I experienced exactly how one would feel when they heard those words.

I felt my stomach drop and my heart labouring, and woke up from the nightmare at that exact point.

It was so traumatizing, I couldn't enjoy work today at all, and kept thinking about what it would feel like to have someone tell you that kind of news.

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