Sunday, 8 February 2009

25 Random Things About Me~~

1/ my brother strongly encouraged me to go down a slide head first when I was six. coincidentally, there was a huge rock at the bottom that caused some serious trauma and damage.

2/ said brother stuck a screw driver in the other eye when I was a toddler

3/ said brother also (accidentally this time) whacked me across the face with a baseball bat

4/ once, I punched a guy in the face because he was hurting my brother (not the above mentioned brother).

5/ I think nature is God's way of saying, "Everyone! Look how awesome and powerful I am. You better recognize!"

6/ I ramble A LOT when I talk, no matter where I am. It's terrible.

7/ I think the human body is a beautiful complex mind-blowing creation and I don't think we celebrate it enough.

8/ the beach and camping is my favourite place to be, ever.

9/ I'm completely obsessed with the tv show LOST. I try not to talk about it a lot, except to Andrea.

10/ I can't sleep if there is a sliver of light in my room; it has to be completely dark for me to fall asleep.

11/ Sleepovers at other peoples' houses make me nervous and freaked out.

12/ I like looking at other peoples' veins in their hands and wrists, especially when they're bouncy. That sounds weirder than it is.

13/ Music is a huge part of who I am, and I always have it playing wherever I am. I find it hard to turn music off...there's always a melody floating in my head because of that. (And I love how Kristina and I always know the songs playing wherever we are, and we sing along out loud and scare other people in the restaurants.)

14/ I love guys. All of them. I love the male species.

15/ I hate hate hate dirty socks and underwear. Hate them.

16/ I love motion and dancing to beats even though I suck at it. And I can only rock out with certain people [Kristina/Erica/Sihaam/Val/Emily/Jen]

17/ I loved being a siblings and I were always up to shenanigans, including--
*lowering furniture off a fire escape with a bungee cord (doesn't work, by the way)
*convincing my brother he had turbeculosis and he was going to die
*having to dig my brother out of a caved in snow fort (that was a close one)
*making plans to run away
and loads more. I love you guys <3

18/ I'm pro at eye-liner. So pro.

19/ I find it very very hard to disguise how I feel. I'm pretty sure that my face reads like a emotions flash across it.

20/ My room is a freaking disaster. Seriously. Ask anyone.

21/ I love the WWII era. If I could go back to any time, that's the era I would choose. I think it's very important to remember history, or else we will be destined to repeat it.

22/ Psalm 139--my favourite chapter.

23/ Sihaam and I do this fake fight thing where we chase each other around the house and beat each other up. Okay, maybe not so fake.

24/ I have the most beautiful (and dumbest) dog in the world.

25/ I took six photography courses in high school, and accidentally flooded the entire art floor one year, because my friend and I left the water on in the dark room... My bad.

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