Saturday, 28 November 2009

"I Am Marcia"

I found this poem in a box of old school projects/writings.

I Am Marcia

I believe that names reflect ones' character
Marcia means "protector"
I protect my animals and my family
But sometimes I can't protect myself
I am my own nemesis

I am the colour red, strong and bright
Full of passion and violence

I like to do things my own way, though
I believe independence can be a dangerous

I like singing, I could sing all day
I am like a skylark, above the world
Above reality

I am deathly afraid of being alone
But too much affection smothers me
And I break relationships by never
Starting them

I believe world peace is impossible
There is too much deep hate and unrest

Afraid of war, afraid of death
I am a typical Canadian
But I will never forget Dieppe or Vimy Ridge
or Flanders Field

I love history though I seldom learn
From my mistakes

Loud and vibrant I draw people into my web
Of underlying sarcasm and wit

I am never still or quiet
But spouting opinions everywhere
I make enemies

I love animals because they will never hurt you
My dog and rabbit are my favourites
So I snap a lot of pictures

I like taking pictures
They hang on my wall
One day you will pay $20,000 for one on eBay
Being behind the camera is being in control
And control is what I need and want the most

I scrapbook hours on end
One whole section is the twin towers
And I cried when I saw it happening on TV
Oh the inhumanity of it all
Killed my own brother with hatred in my heart

The Lord Of The Rings is my favourite book
I love the movie too; the beauty was overwhelming

I can by sympathetic and people tell me their problems
But they never ask me about mine
I should be a psychiatrist and charge $56.30 an hour

I listen and speak, then speak speak speak
A sock in my mouth would not shut me up

My large family teaches me patience
And drives me up the wall

I like my face because it's very expressive
People like it because it's funny
And I make them laugh

I would like to have world peace...
But I don't believe in it

My name is Marcia and it is 2003

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Nan-chan~~~ said...

Remember how we did we this kind of poem so long ago. I said I was a raccoon and all kinds of stuff. I can't wait to return home one day and bring back all my poetry. I miss my poetry. Next time, I'm bringing it back. For sure....

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