Friday, 23 July 2010


According to many people, confession is good for the soul. I suppose I really do have a lot of confessions to make... My soul should feel infinitely cleansed.

I'm hopelessly addicted to Bejeweled Blitz. I'd rather not think of all the time I waste playing it today, especially considering it was my day off of work. I am ashamed of the fact I didn't make it outside for a run, and instead whittled away time attempting to make a new high score. However, I couldn't go for a run early in the day, as (to the next confession) I was still drunk.

What is it about drinking that is so amazing? It makes me feel like a beautiful, witty, sexy, and desired person. Outside of the alcohol, I feel hum-drum, boring, unattractive, and undesirable. A little vodka/beer/liqueur, and I'm confident enough to walk up to a guy and strike up a conversation. So now that I have discovered the beauty of alcohol, I have been indulging in it. I don't keep any at my apartment lest I become a closet alcoholic, but I've hit the town a few times with co-workers lately, as a way to blow off work stress and to have a good time.

Speaking of having a good time...short dresses, dancing, marijuana, booze, feels so cliched and yet it's so enjoyable. I guess the key is knowing when to stop and grow up, but I feel as though I've just started. I never went through the party stage in high school or college, so now I feel as though I'm making up for it.

More confessions? Why is Taylor Lautner so inexplicably attractive? I can't keep my damn eyes off of him, and the entire movie Eclipse was eye candy. It feels skeezy, perving on a 17 yr. old, but hey...some of my co-workers who are in their 40s giggle over him. Speaking of Eclipse...the soundtrack is gorgeous. I'm currently listening to it as I write...another confession, I suppose.

Finally--pad thai for supper, and a huge greasy breakfast this morning after staggering home still drunk from last nights escapades. I wonder where my life is going and what it means most of the time, but those fears and thoughts are allayed when I can't feel my extremities.

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