Wednesday, 29 February 2012


I'm too young (or ignorant) to be part of the original 90210 cult and I can't say that I feel any regret about that.  However, I did start watching the rebooted 90210 a few years ago that originally featured a couple characters from the original show.  

Here's the point to this post:  90210 used to be a guilty pleasure for me.  I equated it with Vampire Diaries (which I still watch whenever possible) and looked forward to the weekly release of a new episode.  I would describe it as a guilty pleasure because a small part of me knew that it was just television fluff, created for the masses to satisfy their simple need for a serial drama.

Being without a computer for a quite a few months has been trying as I have been unable to obtain tv shows with the same ease.  A couple days ago I decided to use an older computer and downloaded the first episode of 90210's season four...popped it on the tv and sat through the beginning twenty minutes before turning it off.

What struck me was:  how the hell have I sat through three whole seasons of the unmitigated shite?

The character are unsympathetic and dull.

The plot is unimaginative and predictable.

The clothing style and fashion is promiscuous and awkward.

The whole show seem to scream everything that is wrong with our society.

Skinny girls only!  Anyone over a size four should not be in a bikini! 

The characters do not change AT ALL.  Any slight remorse or action that makes them the least bit empathetic is immediately diminished by the next selfish and thoughtless thing they do.  This cast is completely unfriendly to the audience.  I felt that my size fourteen butt should not be allowed to watch this show with all the perfect people and perfect teeth running around.

These characters are composed of these issues:

-Dixon can't find a place to live because his friend incorrectly filled out a dorm form and he was placed in the girl section.  Oh noes!  How hard it must be to find a luxurious apartment in Beverly Hills!

-Annie turns down Liam (who she once proclaimed the love of her life) because he went away during the summer to work on a fishing boat and didn't stay in touch (kinda hard to do while on a boat, but mkay).  Now her massive fortune given to her by an eccentric retired actress (of course) who passed on is being contested by said dead lady's family.  Will Annie now have to get a job? 

-Naomi's secret relationship with a high school geek left her pregannt.  When they find out it was a false-positive, her bf (now ex) reacts with joy at having dodged the bullet.  A single tear wells up in Naomi's large blue eye and drops down her cheek as she feels unloved and unwanted.  Unfortunately I turned off the episode before ever discovering if she actually was pregnant.  Oh noes.

-Teddy is still gay and still hasn't told his dad.  The right time just hasn't come yet. 

And so on and so forth.  I won't subjugate you to any more nonsense.  What I find unbelievable is that this tripe has a loyal viewership and that my cousins are probably among said viewers with their inane "like for a tbh" status posts on Facebook.

Why should pretty people not have perfect lives?   The world owes it to them for being so damn fine!

I wonder if something has changed in my so innately that I no longer find this type of garbage interesting or insightful.  I believe I will stick to my LOST and Gilmore Girls.  A little more wholesome in my humble opinion.

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