Thursday, 2 February 2012

Things I Will Never Understand

  1. My boyfriend.  He is a great boyfriend, don't get me wrong.  I obviously love him wholly and completely, but sometimes he does things, sometimes he says things (or remains quiet when he should speak up) and those things just make me facepalm and scream in my head "WHHHHYYYYY?? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHYYYY????"  I will never fully understand how guys think...perhaps because their thought processes are less complicated than the emotional turmoil of females, but there you have it:  my boyfriend will continue to be a mystery to me, something I at times find exciting and scintillating.
  2. Apartment hunting.  Could someone please explain to me why having a quiet, well mannered and house broken dog is proving to be such a huge liability when it comes to renting?  As far as I have researched, it is illegal for landlords to refuse renting to tenants who have animals, but that law does not seem to be well enforced, especially on Kijiji.  The one apartment that I set my heart on, set in a beautiful old house with high ceilings and hardwood floors, flat out refused us without even asking for an application, all because of my extremely quiet and stealthy greyhound.  How is that even fair??  I am a GREAT tenant, always paying my rent cheques on time, have never bounced... It just makes me see red.
  3. Why winter feels so long.  This year especially, winter hasn't really been that bad.  We've had maybe two large snows, which is nothing compared to the usual Canadian winters we have been lambasted with.  January was particularly balmy with temperatures in the pluses...practically an unheard of thing.  Anyway, for some reason even though it's nice out, I feel like the winter blues are dragging me down, even more than ever.  It's February 2 and I'm wondering how I am going to make it through the next 26 days without slaughtering someone.  Winter is really only 3 months long,  a 1/4 of a year, and yet it feels like it will never end.  Y U NO END, WINTER???
  4. How eating right tastes so wrong.  I've been very strict with what I've been eating, especially considering that I am supposed to be running a 5k at the end of March and I am woefully out of shape compared to last year.  Anyway,  I've been mainly eating cheese, meats and vegetables, a few fruits here and there...I MISS THE CARBS.  I've been craving bagels with cream cheese, spaghetti, toast with peanut butter...all those delicious things.  It's not even so much cakes and cookies I've been craving...just french bread warm from the bakery...It sucks.  And being in this winter funk is making me want those comfort foods so desperately.  I reiterate, it sucks.  Even worse is the fact that I know with my heart that if I do eat unhealthily, I'll end up hating my self even more.  Lose-lose situation.
Those are the four things that I cannot understand right now.  Weigh in if you have any thoughts or words of advice!

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