Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Hamilton, for being an ugly city, has actually been frequently used as a filming location for movies and television shows including:  The Incredible Hulk, Anne of Green Gables, Fringe, Kick Ass, Falling Skies, Silent Hill, X-Men, The Time Traveler's Wife, Gone In Sixty Seconds, Hairspray, Splice, Four Brothers, John Q, Finding Forrester, Talk To Me, Man Of The Year, The Kennedy's and many many more. (You can find the entire list here, if interested.)

Anyway, we had a notice left in our apartment foyer alerting us to a movie being filmed on our street this week.  They're using the house next to our apartment for a scene, which is supposed to be occurring during Christmas.  Well, they didn't exactly choose a good week weather-wise for this endeavor....it has been well into the 30s (celsius) the past few days.  

I snapped a quick picture when leaving the apartment for work today.  I know the name of the movie and will post about it when it has an IMDb official entry.

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