Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Colours & Toes

Summer is marching on.  It's only June 27 and I have always felt as child that summer begins when we go camping, but this year I'm hanging on to every precious minute of it.  Each day that I work seems like a waste and it becomes hard for me to face the long twelve hour shifts stuck inside, washed out by fluorescent lights, catching only glimpses of the sun through patient's windows.  

I'm told we enjoy summer so much because we are forced to endure harsh winters, but I am starting to doubt that rationale.  I feel I will always love summers, the warmth and the relaxation, the vacations, the list goes on and on and I'll continue it with a few more reasons why I love summer:\

3.  the smell of fresh flowers on walks
4.  pedicures ~ cos your toes are hidden all winter
5.  the vibrancy of colours around us in nature, our clothes, everything!
6.  warm summer breezes

May your summer be bright with colour, warm with breezes and rainstorms, and new each and every day!

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