Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Yesterday Matt & I went to a new smoothie bar called GSB on James St.  I snapped a few pics while I was looking around and sampled a pineapple banana smoothie and a mango peach smoothie.  Their smoothies are all natural with spinach and you can choose a "kick" such as cranberries, spirulina, nuts, etc. 

The smoothies were pretty delicious, although I had opted for the mango peach and I found it was quite bland, probably because it didn't have artificially created flavours which usually taste stronger.   The smaller sized smoothie ran at $3.95, the large size running at almost $6.  It's a standard price for smoothies, in my opinion, although one neat thing about GSB was that the cups and straws are totally biodegradable.  We tossed them into our green bin after enjoying them.

Anyway, it's nice to see the variety of stores popping up in the downtown of Hamilton.


11.  fresh smoothies that quench your summer thirst

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