Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Curious & Favourite Things

We live around the corner from rail road tracks that lead through our part of the city.  Earlier this week I was walking Licorice down a street that runs beside the tracks when a train began passing by and I was surprised to see some strange materials on the cars.

I'm still confused about what exactly these things are.  It may not be clear in those pictures, but they were extremely large.  I'm maybe a few inches taller than the concrete wall pictures about and they dwarfed that wall.  My first thought was that they were propellers for a boat or air plane.  Matt thinks they are parts from wind turbines.  Whatever they are, I felt like I had walked into an episode of Jericho.

So that is the curious thing.  And favourite things are:

A $2 tree topper from Dollarama.  I'm not sure if you noticed in my Christmas tree pictures, but I didn't have a topper for my tree and have never had one.  When a couple friends and I were browsing through Dollarama this week, I grabbed one and it surprisingly looks pretty good!

And speaking of cheap baubles, I grabbed a couple festive collars for the cats as well.

It's look a bit ridiculous on Mr. Cat, but they both tolerate them just fine.  Nothing will escape my Christmassy fingers!  AND, I have ordered a cute scarf/hat for Licorice which I will post a picture of when I get it. 

Christmas is coming!

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