Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Beautiful Hamilton

Is Hamilton a beautiful city?  I think most of us Hamiltonians have at least once suffered through a jape about the city being dirty and grungy.  Perhaps the stigma originates from the steel factories and industrial area (Burlington St), but...do we, the people who actually live here have the right to defend our city and it's natural beauty?

We are the waterfall capital of the world with over 120 natural waterfalls.  (You can read more about our beautiful waterfalls here.)

There's the RBG and multiple hiking trails that pass through even the inner core of the city.

Cootes Paradise, Devil's Punchbowl... We have so many natural wonders at our finger tips!

But strangely enough, even though I'm aware of those places, I had never visited the Hamilton beach on the east side before this past summer.  A friend and I took the dogs out for a swim and I was surprised at how beautiful the beach was.  The sand was clean and the water was clear.

Anyway, my dear boyfriend got a new job working on a construction site on Lakeshore Rd/Beach Boulevard.  He starts at 7 a.m. so I've been helping him out by getting up at 6:30 and driving him there.

After Licorice and I drop him off, we drive over to this nearby beach and walk up and down it, taking in the beauty of the winter sunrise.

I snapped these pictures this morning!  The sun was a penny lit on fire as it rose above the lake.

And of course, Licorice was bit too busy running and sniffing to pay any mind to the sunrise.

It was a bit nippy out so he was glad to get back into the warm car.

And those are all from this morning!

I have a couple more shots from another beautiful sunrise I saw last week.

The picture below is untouched.  The sky was actually this pink.  I tweeted the picture with a hash tag of #hamont and was honoured to have it included in CBC Hamilton's Pictures of the Week, which you can see here.

Licorice loves these early morning walks.

Even with hydro lines, the natural beauty is not diminished!

So there you have it!  I think you can agree that Hamilton really has it's beautiful moments! I'm going to try and post more about beautiful places or views in Hamilton.  I'm proud of this city!

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