Thursday, 7 March 2013

Odds & Ends

There isn't much to write on right now.  Things have been relatively sedate since the wedding.  I'm still trying to motivate myself to unpack certain things that have be left in boxes.

This morning, when I took Licorice for his walk prior to leaving for work, I heard a cardinal singing in trees outside of my apartment.  Just last week we had a bit of  a snow storm.

This is my apartment building.  As you can see, it's an old piece of architecture; the supers told us it's 90 years old, at least.  Our apartment is around the front of the building and I will try to take some pictures of it soon.   

(I absolutely LOVE my apartment.  I never realized how frustrated I was with my old apartment until I moved! Hey, I have a parking spot ALL THE TIME! I never have to worry about finding one when I return home from an excursion.  My heat is ALWAYS ON--too hot even! And my supers are awesome! They have solved almost all our problems already!)

A view of James St. from the top


Last year I went through a particularly bad time where I was truly struggling with loving my body and accepting myself. I came home from work and found a heart taped to my mirror in my dressing room.

When we moved to the new apartment, it was taped again to my mirror for me to see every day.  That is only a small demonstration of how amazing Matt is.  Me, below, with no make up.

The kittehs are happy at the new place too.  There's SO MUCH ROOM for them to run around and behave like maniacs.

Matt is hilarious and still makes me laugh after being together almost 2 1/2 years.

Finally, twilight was beautiful earlier this week.

Spring is coming... Every time I think of that phrase or feel that delicious excitement for the musty smell of thawing earth and bird calls, I think of...

"Aslan is on the move"

That's all for now! Hope you're enjoying the segue into spring as much as I am!

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