Saturday, 13 July 2013


I can't believe how fast the summer is whizzing by!  It's already July 13 and I've barely been updating my blog, not to mention I haven't had a beach day yet!

 I feel as though I've grown up A LOT through out the past week, probably because I made some "adult" purchases.

Number one was a water dispenser.  Our apartment building is around 100 years old and I'm sure the water pipes haven't been updated in...quite a while.  Instead of buying cases of water bottles which isn't environmentally friendly, we picked up a dispenser last week.

Cold water all summer!

Another interesting purchase I made off of Amazon was gate!  No, I'm not planning anything drastic...  We have graduated Oliver from X-pen to having the entire dining room while we're at work.  We grabbed a wooden stretchy gate from Canadian Tire for the kitchen doorway, but the living room doorway is 51" wide which was problematic for gating.  Most gates only stretch to 36".  The bigger gates are easily $100+, not an amount we intended to spend.

Fortunately, I was able to find an Evenflo extra-wide gate for only $36 on Amazon! It was can span maximum 60" and doesn't need to be fixed to the door frame...It works by pressure mounting.  I can see how this might be less suitable if a child was hanging off of it, but it works well for a puppy.

And yes, that is our massive Mr. Cat inspecting the barrier.

We also made a big purchase...physically and financially.  Our queen sized bed has been a problem for a while.  Because we made so many moves in the past four years, I'm sure the mattress sustained some serious wear-and-tear from being shoved and pulled and squished into small travelling vehicles.  We realized earlier this week that the large hump in the middle of the mattress (impossible to avoid even when the mattress is rotated) isn't going away.  

(Pillow top mattresses suck.  I remember when I was a teenager flipping my mattress over and over every couple months in order to allow the coils to settle back down into the other side.  It felt like a new mattress each time! )

Anyway,  we went all out and purchased a KING sized mattress and box-spring for a very reasonable price at a mattress outlet store on Barton St.  Pocket coil, pillow top (boo!) and with a mattress protector and it was extremely affordable compared to big mattress companies such as Sleep Country.

I'm getting more excited as we wait for it to be shipped in an delivered!

In the meantime, here are a few pics from this month so far!

Oliver is getting bigger before our eyes.  

Watching ships past under the lift bridge

A beautiful new plant Matt bought (and potted!) for me 

Our superintendent has a massive and beautiful garden at the front of the building

Licorice and Oliver retreated under some ivy to pant and cool down on a walk

I do have more photos but that's all for now!

I hope your summer is going well and you are enjoying the sunshine and long days :)


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