Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Every single winter of my life I have always found myself longing for spring and the eventual arrival of summer.  As we pass into September tomorrow and approach the end of this summer, a realization has been dawning:  I no longer love summer.

When I was child I enjoyed playing out in the sun, wallowing in the mud, running on the streets.  The heat barely seemed to bother me.  As I am ageing, I am finding myself absolutely HATING the heat and the humidity that Hamilton summers bring.

Anywhere else there may be a dry heat or cool breezes... In Hamilton, the air is stagnant, thick and heavy with pollution and smog.  Running outside gives me long bouts of chest pain.  Sweat trickles down my back even when sitting still.

AUTUMN CANNOT GET HERE SOON ENOUGH.  Yes, I will shout that out!  Last week we had a cold snap and the leaves are starting turn.  Soon the entire escarpment will be ablaze with glorious colour.  For now, the heat has return with a vengeance and I feel like a dying fish--flipping around fruitlessly on land.

However, I have been able to get some beautiful pictures of the beach and surrounding areas.  

The cats may love our Expedit shelving more than we do...

And Licorice is no longer too hot to sleep on the couch...and revel in it...

Oliver is finally almost completely full grown.  At six months his bladder will be completely formed and hopefully our pee pad training will be OVER!

I'm sorry I have been so infrequent with posting.  Work has been keeping me very busy and hopefully *fingers crossed* our full timer will be back from an extended sick leave which will then give me more time off.  I cannot wait!  


Apples!  Bushels of them!
Apple cider!
Colourful leaves!
The smell of bonfires!
Cool crisp nights!

What's your favourite thing about autumn/fall?

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tickleroftheivories said...

I love Pretty much everything you said but you know me...I am all about clothes...I love fall for the layered looks! Also, the cold snap in the air is amazing:)

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