Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Bookish Bridal Shower

I've been meaning to post about my literature themed bridal shower thrown by my lovely family and friends...but life has been crazy!  For all you single people:  if a married person talks to you about the chaotic last few weeks of engagement, listen up!  They are not lying.  Even though Matt and I are having a fairly simple and casual wedding, we are still swamped with all sorts of things.

(To be fair, it's not just wedding things.  Taking on a second job a couple months before a wedding and dealing with a fiance being laid off from work does make one a bit...cuckoo.)

But back to the subject on hand:

A book themed shower! I've loved books since I was a young child and most of my friends (and blog readers) know that I often get caught up in the fictional world.  I even had mastered a talent of speed reading aka skipping over boring descriptive parts.  I believe my dad taught me that gift after a painful reading of Lord of the Rings out loud to us as children.

Reading is just the thing our family does and we do it well. 

My maid-of-honour/sister pulled it together really well.  It ended up being a beautiful event with lots of delicious food and even a book swap!

I was personally very proud of this decorative wreath I slaved over for the wall.  

Yeah, I made that beauty.

My mom came up with this neat idea of creating a vase with old book pages and dried flowers.

She also whimsically twined together some books for more decorations.  You can see them in other pictures.

My dearest Matt put his skills to work the week before and painted a picture as a prize for the crossword game.

And I put together the crossword using an online generator and basing it on historical and fictional couples.

My sisters and my mom created a couple neat table runners made out of book pages.

I had the crafty idea of buying little jars at the dollar store and using a strip of paper and our heart-shaped hole punches, we created little book themed tea light candle holders.

We used little jars for favours full of candy.

Below is the invitations we sent out for the shower.  Kind of a neat book themed twist as well.

My biggest regret was not not taking more pictures of what we put up.  I had such a fantastic time connecting with friends & family though and I was so blessed by the thoughtful cards and gifts that people gave me.

The shower was so perfect for me and I loved it!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the invite. I had a great time catching up with old friends i never see anymore :)

Love Jen Rightmeyer

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