Friday, 4 January 2008

About A Sibling

I have this younger sister, who is the most vain person in this house.

But perhaps I use the word "vain" incorrectly here. She is neither vain, nor narcissistic, because she does not think she looks amazing or beautiful. Rather...she has an obsession with how her clothes look on her, to the degree that if you make the smallest slight about her outfit, she will disappear to her and reemerge with an entirely different set of clothes on.

She climbs up onto the edge of the bathtub to get a good look at herself in the bathroom mirror. Is she is minutely dissatisfied about what she sees, she returns to her room, changes, returns back to the bathroom, climbs back up onto the edge of the tub, and takes another look-see. This performance was repeated at least three times today, if not more.

The thing one else in this house (excepting Josh who is never around anyway) has such an obsession with how they look. She is an enigma to the rest of us girls who share the apartment with her. When I dare to comment on her somewhat unhealthy obsession about how she looks, she becomes defensive and attacks my use of makeup.

I can see how her friends may have effected her negatively. I like them, they are all nice girls, but their looks are so important to them. They trivialize other areas in their lives to make their appearances one of their number one priorities. They can't attend social functions without spending at least an hour preparing first. A casual relaxed feel? No such thing, my friends. It's all about look the best.

There is nothing wrong with taking pride in how you look. I see people who swing to the other side and need to take more care in their looks. But when you can't step outside your house without triple-checking your appearance in a mirror and anxiously asking people if you look okay, I think your life and mindset needs to be prioritized a little better...

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