Thursday, 3 January 2008

Intro To Leaving

It is a hard thing for parents to see their children grow up, change, become adults.
It is hard for them to see their children form different mindsets, have different opinions, be different people.
But the number one most important thing for a parent to do, and I am convinced wholeheartedly of this, is to embrace their children and love them unconditionally. Yeah, they will make mistakes, yeah things will get rough, but to show love through it all is more powerful and moving than anything you can do.

That being said, I am more and more sure of this...independence is something that cannot be avoided, and should be done as gracefully as possible. Leaving on good terms is important, and being able to look back and not feel any guilt or dissatisfaction is key.

It's all very vague and generally sounding, but that's all for now.

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