Wednesday, 6 February 2008


The wind outside is chilling and blustery.

Each blast rattles the building, and the howling is akin to the cry of a lonely wolf.

God knows what life would be like without central heating and insulated walls. It's not a stretch of the mind to imagine sleeping, living, existing in the trenches, during the world wars, with a blanket between you and the elements.

And I wait for the weather to change, to flow smoothly into spring, the time of hope, new life, and surprise. I wait for the hope in me to be rejuvenated as life continues in it's endless rotation of spring-summer-autumn-winter, day-night, breakfast-lunch-supper, death-life.

Atonement is a movie just released about a lie changing several peoples lives irreversibly. I couldn't contain the tears as the movie focussed on the lives of the soldiers during WWII, and the quiet, lonely deaths that occurred.

It's understandable why people say there is no God. They want to rationalize away the suffering and pain that mankind has lived through and inflicted. They want to believe that no ultimate and supreme being would allow such things to happen. They feel the world is out of control, and they are not personally responsible for their actions.

While I struggle to understand why terrible things happen to people who are apparently undeserving of them, thinking, contemplating, meditating on the grief only overwhelms and leads to a hole of depression and navel-gazing.

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