Sunday, 27 January 2008

On Three Hours of Sleep

After a fitful night of getting to bed late, and waking too early for my liking, on three hours of sleep, I did believe I would be far more introspective than this. However, I only find that I have a massive headache and the lights seem far too bright to be decent.

I am already counting down the hours until I'm away from here, although it'll just be straight back to the house, perhaps a one hour nap, then back up and away at 'em, off to church.

It's strange how when you're young you long, you desire to stay up all night, as if there is a magical hour during which life's secrets will be revealed to you. But as you grow older, you find that you can barely stay awake without full hours of sleep, and the elusive time spent resting is what you chase whole-heartedly. It's such a good example of how life is generally unfair.

Life is unfair, because we always want the wrong things at the wrong time. When we're younger we want to grow up faster, when we're older we want time to slow down...When we're younger we have an untamed spirit and desire for adventure, but do not possess the means with which to sail forward on the ocean of life. As we get older, we possess the means but our spirits have almost been broken with the adult responsibilities and cares of the world, and the idea of impulsively dashing off to chase one's dreams seems almost laughable and far-fetched. And so...the unfairness of life continues.

Accepting that life is unfair, and that things are so often backwards from how they should ideally be is the best way to continue through life happily. Fighting it, trying to change the way life naturally is just tires you out, and makes you ultimately unhappy with the life that you do lead.

Do the smart thing my friend. Pursue your dreams while you're young.

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