Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Unsurety

I can't say many things unambiguously, but this is for sure.

There will always be two things in and war.

For all those people who are trying to instigate world peace, or who deeply believe that one day there will be universal tranquillity... It's rather a waste of your time.

Yes, it would be nice if there was serenity all around, but I the ever cynical and skeptic thinker have resigned myself to the fact that there will never complete and utter cessation of strife and dissension.

It would be a sweet moment, if for once all the peoples of the world could agree to disagree. But unfortunately, mans inherent nature of wanting more than he needs, or taking without asking, and of impressing his beliefs on others though they may not wish to hear, will cause the world to continue in it's tumultuous state.

Thus, leading me to believe that because man is inseperably evil, there will never be true calm.

But feel happy!
There is love in the world, and people, as long as we show love continuously and unselfishly to each other, there is room for change, room for flexibility, room for growth.

As long as people can find the capacity to care for others above and beyond themselves, then there will some chance of goodness, some chance of lives being changed irreversibly and positively.

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