Friday, 15 February 2008

The Way It Is

If there's anything we can learn in life, it's that somethings and some people will never change, and accepting it will make life much easier.

For example ... You can be close to someone, love them, hope for them to change, but I do believe after some time you may be forced to sucede.

It's almost akin to giving up, but I prefer to think of it in a more positive manner...aka...choosing to NOT drive myself crazy by attempting to move a boulder, a rock, a proportionally challenged person (in spirit not physical).

So think of this...

Some people are stubborn, unyielding, and unwilling to change any part of themselves.
These people are more likely to be broken, more likely to shatter with pressure (which could be anything from daily stress to extraordinary circumstances).

But those who are flexible, who are pliable, who will change with circumstances, who will be fluid, who will be willing to assess themselves truthfully...
When storms come (and they will - life virtually guarantees us of them), these people will bend like a stalk of grain in the wind, will move like the grass in a field, will be supple, will change.

An important lesson for all of us to remember.
Stubborn, unyielding, unmoving, we inevitably leave ourselves open for hurt through and through.
Pliable, flexible, open to change, we will bend with situations and not allow ourselves to be implacable.

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