Monday, 11 February 2008

About Life.

In general.

There's so much stuff about it that is so confusing, and it seems that it may never resolve itself.

It would appear that violins and cellos almost always sound mournful, and grieve in their beauty.

Also, Valentine's Day for the single may be the most difficult holiday to celebrate alone. Mainly because society throws these ideas at us, that say being single during this time means there's something wrong with you, something that needs to be remedied.

And most importantly, there are people, there are situations that need remedying, which are far more important than any chocolate-covered holiday, but we lose sight of that, lose our perspective, are ultimately lost in ourselves, when we worry and obsess over things we feel we should have that we don't, people we feel we should be when we aren't.

It's actually ridiculous that we weight so much of ourselves around standards that other people have created, standards that are completely inaccurate and that can break us because we feel we will never reach them.

A young girl will start out her life feeling that she'll never be good-looking enough, because she can't meet the standards that are required from so many young girls at this time.

A young boy will believe that he is under-average, that he isn't a real man, when he sees pictures and forms a concept on what a real man looks like,

It's a general waste of time and energy trying to be someone that you aren't, trying to evolve into a fictional idea of what people should be like.

I realize of course, that I have completely rambled my way through this entire post.

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