Saturday, 9 February 2008

Veritas et Aequitas

I've decided on my next tattoo.

Veritas et Aequitas.

What does that mean?
It's Latin for truthfulness and justice.

I thing Boondock Saints has rubbed off on me a bit.
It's true...a crime worse than actual acts of evil is indifference.
When people stand there, observe crime, and do nothing, turn their face the other way...
People who can make a difference, people who can help perpetuate change, who ignore the needs in front of them...

Truthfulness and justice are attributes, qualities, characteristics that are so underrated in our society.
Justice has been skewed to reflect the government's position, in many a system meting out unfair rulings, depending on the accused position in society. People are taking "justice" a.k.a. revenge into their own hands because they feel they cannot trust the justice system to properly judge the perpetrators.
And truthfulness has evolved from being absolute to being situational. What you feel is right, what you feel is the truth, makes it so. There is no clearcut right and wrong.

More than anything, we must hang on to these two virtues.
They dictate our society's status.

Truthfulness and justice.
Think about it.

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