Thursday, 27 March 2008


I haven't had many *deep* thoughts lately.

Work has been busy and I believe I am currently on an eleven day streak.

Thus, there has been very little free time to sit and navel gaze, contemplating the intricacies and diversions of life.

Although...last night I took Makita for a walk, and I saw my first sunset in weeks!

As we walked underneath the bridge and along the wharf, the sun shone a path across the melting ice in the lake, and illuminated the faces of the people I passed, a sort of calm and peace swept over me, whispering to my heart, All is well.

It is so easy to lose ourselves in life. The business and chaos can cause us to forget the things we take for granted, and live each day for ourselves.

Nature, the beauty of the world that surrounds us...we can become used to it, calloused and no longer take notice of the budding trees, the beaver by the water, the ripples in the lake, and beams of sunshine that light up our world.

Take the time to observe nature, and you will find wonder and amazement in all that surrounds you.


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