Sunday, 30 March 2008

|| Walls ||

What is it about people who have walls that makes them so compelling to us?

The people we know who are private, elusive, and silent are the ones we attempt to pin down.

It's as though...because they push us away, we insist on hemming them in, trying to discover what makes them tick, attempting to know and understand their minds. It almost become an obsession...trying to delve into them, and uncover their secrets.

The plain truth is...they are usually as uncomplicated and similar to us, but the walls are what drives us to believe they must be hiding something. The walls signify a lack of openness, and seem to promise of something great inside.

It becomes, quite simply, a challenge to us. We want to scale those walls, we want to know what is on the other side, we crave information from them, and the more they withhold, the more we want to know.

They could be as boring as your typical great-aunt or grocery store cashier, but their mysteriousness and refusal to engage in typical conversations or honesty leads us to believe that there must be something, something different about them.

How disappointing it is then, when once we have managed to squeak into the opening of their hearts, to find they are no different than us, just a person with emotions and feelings, that remains closed because of uncertainties or fear.

The people with the walls are the ones we desire the most. We want what is denied us, and the human heart seems to naturally crave what it cannot have. Rather than being satisfied with people we can easily be close to, we run, climb, and frantically chase those we cannot readily have.

How strange is the human heart and mind...

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