Friday, 4 April 2008

The Soothing Sound Of Music

Music just speaks to my soul in so many ways.

I find a song that I love, and listen to it over and over, with a dreadful repetition, because I find that I can almost inhale it. It's so true.. If music be the food of life, play on. Give me access to it... Shakespeare puts it so eloquently... Music is some mens' food. I can't imagine being deaf, and not being able to hear certain people's voices and the melodies that constantly haunt my mind.

Rather like the sound of the ocean on the surf, Pachelbel's Canon in D Major transports me back years, to a summer of riding in the van, the sun setting on Lake Huron, and an island on the horizon, alit with the fiery sunset. The wind blowing through the windows, and the smell of the beach lingering... Music can accompany memories so powerful, when you hear the melody it triggers memories and almost recreates the moment.

When my soul is stormy and I feel as though my heart may explode, I can pick a certain song, listen to it, and feel comforted and soothed, as though someone is pouring a balm into me. Some songs I can recall playing over and over as fury flowed through me, the music fueling the flame, until exhaustion crept in. Some music brings a bittersweet sadness. Certain words and phrases can connect so deeply to your soul and mind.

I'll never forget sitting in guitar class and hearing Adams Song by blink-182 for the first time. The words-

I never conquered, rarely came, sixteen just held such better days
Days when I could still feel alive, I couldn't wait to get outside

The world was wide, too big to try
The tour was over, we'd survived
I couldn't wait til I got home, to pass the time in my room alone.

Hearing that song for the first time brought a sting to my eyes and made me wonder how other people felt in their moments of desperation and loneliness, and that is another powerful aspect of people...It spans races, ages, and culture and relates emotions and feelings that we all live through and experience.

Never, ever, take music for granted.

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