Wednesday, 9 April 2008


It appears to be as natural to ourselves, as breathing and coughing. Worry is ingrained in our souls, and it is a state we fall into with greatest ease.

We worry about upcoming tests, money, finances, relationships, global issues, politics, family, food, self-image, and so much more. Our minds are plagued with concerns and anxiousness as we face an unknown future.

Why must we do it? Why must we obsess over things that may never come to pass, things that grow irrelevant as time passes? We must know that we waste time that is already so scarce, worrying over issues that are most likely of little importance?

Because it's easy to do. It's easy to sit and think about all the things we may need to accomplish, feel a rising panic in our chest, and begin that downward spiral of worrying that eats away at our minds.

Resist it, tamp it down, ignore it, and clarify your thoughts. Choose to be calm and to let the future come as it may. You can't change it or control it, so you may as well let it come calmly, accepting whatever it may hold.


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