Thursday, 15 May 2008

Summer/Canadian/Weather/Et al

Again, not much to write about, except maybe the fact the weather is quickly warming up, and I'm (surprise!) not looking forward to a humid, sticky, and disgustingly warm summer. A couple days ago I went for a walk/jog with M, and by the end of the 4k we were both panting, sweating, her with tongue hanging out, me wiping perspiration from my brow. So if it's already that warm mid-May, I'm certain it's gonna be a scorcher.

Canadians are funny. We can ramble on about the weather for extended periods of time, and I think it's because we're always surprised by it. The weather here doesn't seem to follow a pattern, so it's never boring to discuss or surmise over. You don't have to wear suspenders and drink Milk of Magnesia to love the weather talk.

So what's the scoop on life? Well, at this very moment I feel like I'm living in The O.C. myself, mainly because I'm still watching it continually. I'm a few episodes into season three, and liking it so far. But I feel as though it may have stolen my life away from me. All I find myself doing lately is working, exploring new music, exercising, watching tv episodes, sleeping, and monitoring what I'm eating. It doesn't bother me that I don't find the time or energy to socialize. For once I am content to be alone, enjoying and even savouring the solititude. I'm actually somewhat looking forward to moving into my own apartment, and have been keeping my eyes open for apartments in the area of the hospital.

Also looking forward to vacations, which will be the third week in July. I'm excited for that. Very excited. Campfires, tents, the beach, swimming, little dinky movie theaters, small town atmosphere, only one main street...I love going up north for camping.

That's all for now. Sorry I don't have any more thoughtful contemplations, but my life has been surprisingly uncomplicated as of late. I have a party at my house tomorrow night so now I must go out with sister to pick up some food.


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