Friday, 30 May 2008


Which Lost Character Are You?

You are Jack. When people need a leader they come to you! You are a quick thinker and your morals are unscrupulous. Sometimes you can be a little too focused on your work, but it is only because you feel a great responsibility to those depending on you. You are intelligent and a logical thinker. You live by your convictions and encourage others to do the same.

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Nan said...

I'm Kate. Apparently....

As for "leaving your body"... I had that experience when I was around 13. I dreamed one day that I jumped and when I jumped I jumped up so high - it was like there was no gravity... and it felt me as if I was leaving my body....

It was weeeeiiirrddd... but that feeling of not belonging in your body - is cool, right? It reminds us, as Aragorn said, that we don't belong in this world... and that there's something beyond.

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