Friday, 30 May 2008


...before I head to bed...

I had the strangest sensation last night/early this morning.
(Day and night appear to have melded themselves together for me, as if the sunrise could become the sunset...)

The sensation was one of dissatisfaction with the body I am caged in.
I felt that strangest desire to fly up out of it, out of any physical/earthly restrictions, and fly over all of the troubles that linger about.

This song seems to match my thoughts and moods perfectly. Click here. Tis a track from the movie Atonement, probably the most moving part in the whole movie (for me anyway).

Anyway, the feeling of the need to disrobe myself of this bodily temple passed quickly, and yet, the yen was so strong, it was the oddest thing I have ever experienced.

And then today, jogging to "The Music" by David Usher, I again felt the necessity to jog out of my body and away from myself, down the tarmac towards whatever life has to offer.

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