Sunday, 25 May 2008

The Weekend Update

Well, it's officially Sunday morning and I'm listening to "This Love" by Craig Armstrong feat. Elizabeth Fraser, and feeling a bit gloomy and meditative. Probably because the song is all about how their strange love lifts them up, and here I am, strange-loveless. But not to worry. I'll snap out of this funk soon enough.

I had to go to the SPCA today to renew M's license, and I went inside to look at the animals. Big mistake. If you have a soft heart or an underdog complex, I beg you, stay away from the SPCA. There was the saddest dog there that I have ever seen in my life, and she's probably sad because at five years old she was abandoned by her owners. I wish I could show you the look in her literally makes me feel so...almost sick. So call me crazy, but I talked to my dad and mum, and they actually don't mind if I get (another) dog. M is great, beautiful, special, but this is literally an underdog (no pun intended), and I feel like I'm in some way responsible, because I can buy her and give her a second chance.

I think this may be rooted in some psychosis, that I want someone to take a chance on me, I wish that someone would allow me to get another start on life. It's not as if I've killed someone, or robbed a bank or anything...I just have such a flawed character. And I think it's hard for people to get past it. I keep dreaming about this perfect romantic love that will lead someone to care for me no matter how I act. Could that be all a dream? Is there someone out there who has the ability to care for me completely and wholly?

Anyway, I digress from the weekend update.

Shingle-ing happened all day today. Along with some family friends stopping over, and basically the doors being open all day, a BBQ at lunch, Martin saying repeatedly, "Dog poop grass". Oh little brothers. But oh my guck! I don't want to be like all those other boring bloggers who only talk about their family.

I was awoken at quite an early hour, called in to work, to which I said NAY, and went back to bed. I'm so glad I didn't go in, because it was such a beautiful day, and I was able to get out for a jog (not as good as Friday's though). I also bought an iPod shuffle today, because that way I don't have to carry my iPod in my hand or only wear clothes that have pockets all the time. It clips on nicely to my shirt, which makes jogging easier. I love music. Love it.

So, along with the dog that I want to tentatively adopt, apparently a friend of my brothers will be staying in our house for the next couple days. Honestly, sometimes this place feels like a 7th Heaven storyline. Not that I really mind. I like the chaos and psychotic behaviour. For the most part.

Well, in conclusion--

Madonna is overrated.
Love might just be a silly notion.
Please treat your animals properly!
Get out and exercise. 1 in 3 women will die from a heart related disease this year.



Christina Veldman said...

Oh my guck~ The family *does* sound crazy. lolz.

But I'd not give it up for the world. And yes, it does sound like 7th Heaven... *wonders where she would fit in*

And I think Martin is the cutest.

Pushkin. said...

funnyyy. don't worry, ur dream guy wil show up soon.
as for now, enjoy flying solo. =D

rite more!

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