Friday, 11 July 2008

And Reappear...

There's barely been time to draw breath, let alone reflect on the inner workings of life and it's mysterious happenings. In fact, there will be grandiose thoughts on inequalities of life, and how the world is a crazy, chaotic mass of happenings.

But one thought I've marvelled at lately in the human imagination.
You only have to watch tv or movies, listen to melodies, or read books, to be swept away by the high thoughts that we are capable of creating.
In some ways, imagination is more precious than fact. It brings a sense of childishness, and not the negative misbehaviour associated with the word "childishness". Rather, the Peter Pan feel, that the world is simple and easy, not cluttered with emotions, and that life is black and white.
Every form of art that we enjoy is derived from the creative imagination of someone who took the time to make their thoughts take physical form as something tangible for others to enjoy.

In conclusion--

Let your imagination go wild.
Don't live in it as a reality, but allow it stimulate your creative arts and expression.

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