Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Not Laughing.

No, not not laughing.
Rather the opposite.

I am always seized with urge to burst into laughter during the most awkward and inappropriate times.

For example--

Tonight during a false code red, a woman was in labour in her car in front of the hospital. The husband was freaking out and couldn't lift her out of the car.

The firefighters just ran over, all manly-like, lifted her out into a wheelchair, and tooled her off.

I stood and giggled to myself while everyone else was staring and murmuring "ooooohhhs" and "aaahhhh".

I also find myself repeatedly bursting into laughter during P. Adam's speaking.

Does this happen to anyone else???

1 comment:

cutenan25@hotmail.com said...

All the time at work... when I should be serious... those are the moments that you can't help but giggle...

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