Friday, 8 August 2008


I purchased an external hard drive to move my files onto. I was getting sick and tired of having to burn DVDs to keep the storage on my computer relatively low. So far, it seems to be fine. I did not find it to be exorbitantly expensive. In fact, the prices of technology have fallen as newer technology is being marketed.

Is it not odd that we take so many things for granted?
We drive our cars everyday, relying on the brakes to work, the gas to properly fuel the engine.
We log on to the interweb from the comfort of our home, and though many people are unable to explain the dynamics of the internet itself, we utilize it every day.
We expect hot water to come from our taps, our toilets to flush, the clothes dryer to dry out our clothes.
Do we pause to think how wondrous it is to have running water, and toilets that flush?
Are we so civilized and westernized that we expect, anticipate these things?

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