Saturday, 16 August 2008

many things**

I have had so many thoughts as of late that I have simply not bothered to jot down anywhere.
For whatever reason, I have this strange need to only blog on this laptop, so now I rarely get around to blogging. I think I just prefer the sound and feel of the keyboard on the laptop...whatever the case may be (oooo...LOST deja vu), I finally am now sitting down to churn out some ideas that I've been thinking of lately.
Perhaps, not so much ideas but just random thoughts that refuse to exit.

I surprised the other day, walking to my car after a thirteen hour work shift, I was surprised by how lonely I felt. It was as though this sweeping emotion of loneliness just flooded my being, and for no reason that I could pinpoint. Then, later in the week, again jogging with M along the lakeside, I turned and saw a clouded sunset, with a small opening in the clouds through which the sunshine peered out, almost tentatively, as if to say a soft goodbye. Again, the loneliness that I experienced returned as I stood on the concrete tarmac and gazed at this sunset that I felt no one else was giving just due.

Perhaps it's my lack of exercise of late, but I feel I have abandoned my work out regime. I haven't rollerbladed in weeks and only went for one jog, and two walks. Jogging and makes you feel like you're going somewhere...not stuck in the standstill of life, that is almost suffocating at times.

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