Monday, 18 August 2008

Oh the frustration

Probably the most frustrating thing you will experience in your life is owning a car.

Sure, your kids will drive you crazy with all their questions and antics, especially when you're tired and needing the couch more than anything.

Your dog might drive you crazy when he pees on the rug, chews your favourite black leather shoes, and digs meteor-sized craters in your freshly sod lawn.

Your boss might drive you crazy when he asks you to do a job you've already completed, or when she appears to do less work than you and still gets paid more.

And guaranteed, your significant other will inevitably drive you crazy with their little quirks and often times annoying habits that may irk you more than necessary.

But the most frustrating thing, yes the situation that will drive you crazy more than anything else is your car.

Hear me out.
We sink thousands of dollars into vehicles. We treat them with care, changing their oil, fueling up, washing, polishing, and spending money to keep them running smoothly.

And yet, for no good reason, despite our attempts to drive clean, to economize and have a smaller car, to be environment friendly and carpool...our cars misbehave, and we just can't understand it.

I can't look at my car and diagnose the problem. I can't talk to it and try to understand what it's feeling. Unlike humans, I can't suss out the problem through trial and error, fighting and tears.
In some ways, cars are like people that we are in relationships with.
It's an endless struggle to understand them. We fight for them, pour time and energy into them, and wait for them because we know that they are worth it. But often times, they can't reciprocate how much we've given to them, and that's when The Question is raised.
Is it worth it? Is the vehicle worth it?
Is that person worth it? Are the tears worth it?
Needless to say, it's difficult to chart what our reactions should be. It's impossible to apply the same solution to each problem.
For the car problem--check it in. Take your ride to the repair shop and get it diagnosed.
To the problems of the heart--bear it. Sadness is a much a part of life as joy and happiness, and it will come regardless of the choices we make.

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