Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Time performs a myriad of wonders.

The hurts that people have inflicted on us dull and deaden as time passes.
For most people, time stamps out passion and hopes that we have deep down. On many occasions time leads us to the brink of despair, as we wait for something, someone to happen into our lives.

But it also wisens us.
As we grow older, we recognize the frailty of our bodies and our natures.
We become temperate with our responses to others, less likely to fly off the handles in a trajectory nature.

We also develop a sense of who we are more fully, and are less dependent on others opinions.
Even at our workplaces, the length of time we spend there affects our performance. We become adept at doing certain duties, and can find a type of safety in our ability to work well.

While time teaches us, ages us, gives us wisdom, there are those who are affected by time, who live as though they are immortal, who never change or mature, and who are static in their behaviour.

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