Thursday, 29 January 2009

It's weird, crazy, unfathomable, and reasonless, but we often--no, mostly--see ourselves in a completely different manner than how others, those around us, see us.

I'm not talking about a facade that we intentionally put up to deceive others into seeing us a certain way. No, I'm simply referring to conditions that we often find ourselves in, that we see a certain way, and that others see in a very different way.

Okay, that sounds rather obscure and ridiculous, so let me use an example. People who are suffering from cancer (or some other type of disease/malady) often see themselves are pathetic weak people who are lost in this world of sickness. They are convinced that people view them this way as well--simply as walking illness. But the fact is, most people don't. We see people suffering from cancer as more than a simple one-dimensional person and situation...everything is layered and bottomless with it's explicable repercussions.

The connections we all have to each other need to be deeper than they are. There shouldn't be an elevator full of people who won't look each other in the eye and who avoid talking to each other. There shouldn't be these walls that society has ingrained in us.

We're just here for a small amount of time, and we waste that time worrying about how others see us, or whether we are following the "protocol" of life and behaviour. We need to let go of the restricting mannerisms that we impose on ourselves and simply live freely, joyfully, happily.

(NOTE: This doesn't mean it's alright to go about perpetrating criminal acts.)

I know I got lost between my starting point and now,
but I suppose I really do believe that this all linked.

Get out there and open yourself up.

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