Thursday, 22 January 2009

I feel that I could very well refrain from posting on here for several months,
and still have nothing new to report when I return.
That is how slowly I feel my life moves.
It is something similar to molasses on a cold day in January.
And yes, it has been cold.
As a child I always found the winter to be an enjoyable time.
It consisted of playing outdoors in the snow,
until soaking wet and tired.
It meant hot chocolate in the night,
snow days,
and Christmas.
Today, I find that Christmas comes too quickly,
hot chocolate is fattening,
work is what exhausts me,
and snow is too cold.
Perhaps life does change quicker than anticipated.
A mere 10 years ago,
I would be outside, gavorting with the others.
Today the snow will be hindrance driving to work,
and the cold will make me long for spring.
Life does change.

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Nanny said...

Dear Marcia,

Happiness emanates at you from Bali. :P Thanks for updating this blog with your thoughts - so I can keep up-to-date with my sista. :D

It's too bad you are feeling your age - I, too, feel like that when I think about adult stuff like grading, report cards, traveling details and money. But I hope you can find that nice median where you also enjoy the other things in life that come along with time.

If you don't, get over here and let me straighten you out~

Lotsa love,
your Nanny

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