Monday, 30 March 2009

the beginning.

I do feel rather and very overwhelmed right now,
the rather an attempt to calm myself from the work that is ahead of me,
work translation: operation clean and pack room.

Standing in the face of the storm that has encompassed my room, I have now made a promise to myself--I will never let my room, or any room of my apartment/house/future settlements sink to such a disastrous level.

It feels almost post-apocalyptic...a shattered picture frame wedged snugly under a leg castor crumbles to shiny splinters of glass, receipts from years past yellowing and faded litter the ground, mounds of clothes topple over, and dust floats in the air as snow mid-January in Canada.

I've started scratching a path through the mess and am slowly making trail lines in and out.  I'm sure that this foray will turn up several items that have been missing for the past few months, even years.

I shall keep you posted.

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Nan-chan~~~ said...

So, cleaning your room in such a drastic fashion... just like I did before leaving Canada... - isn't it so relieving and freeing? You are taking fresh stock of yourself in a new way. Something that we should always do once in a while!

Have you found an apartment???

I hope you update soon - with news on what strange things you have found!!!

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