Monday, 13 April 2009

old poetry

I yanked out some old journals last night and went for a trip down memory lane.
Even though most of the poetry that I have written is a direct byproduct of a relationship or friendship gone sour/remaining stagnant, everything I wrote is still so powerful to me personally. 
Here are a couple poems that I found scribbled in barely legible writing, as if the words needed to spill out faster than I could write.

"free flowing"
is me pouring out on you
all i am.
words falling away
and drifting towards you-
you run.
afraid of me.
afraid of truth.
afraid of life.
free flowing is the fear
of you,
your fear of me-
our fear
pushing us

"in the quiet"
here without you in the quiet,
this place of loneliness i
wait, wanting you to be
here with me.
here in the quiet, i feel
you deep and know i am
missing you, loving you,
needing you.
here in the quiet, in the
long dark silences, in the
dreams that wake me in
in the quiet
without you
i will wait here.

1 comment:

Nan-chan~~~ said...

I love the poetry... My favorite one is the one you wrote about fear... It is so true.... and so sad that humans continue to do that to each other. I am glad that your poetry still speaks to you... it must have been a powerful moment! (A boy, perhaps?)

I myself am moving to a new apartment in May too! (23rd)... but I am moving in with a roomie who is sweet. So it's okay.

You'll LOVE your apartment and your freedom. Trust me. <3

Miss you!

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