Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Empty - Ray Lamontagne

I'm a bit, no a lot, in love with this song. Even though I've been listening to it for months now, we still have a romance.

You know how some songs evoke such powerful memories for oneself? That's exactly what this song does for me. I can lay on my bed listening to it and remember staring up through the roof of my tent, the stars undimmed by city lights. I remember the beach with the water washing up against the sand, a constant and peaceful rushing. I think of running at twilight, the city temporarily at peace with itself, the catastrophes and noises of the day fading during that almost magical moment between day and night.

I found a different fan mixed version that I like a bit better...substitutes violin synths over the harmonica.
I uploaded it to my Rapidshare can snatch it here.

Much love.

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